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Grass fed Hampshire lamb shank

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Mouth watering, full of flavor and perfect tor that low and slow, fall off the bone juicy meat. Our lamb shanks are a minimum 275g each, bone in and perfect if you prefer a larger serving of delicious lamb.

Our advertised weights are the minimum expected and at times the actual product weight may be higher.

All of our lamb is sourced from 100% Grass fed British sheep, reared by farmers who care and have been specifically chosen by us. They are fed on natural herbaceous and grass pastures through the spring to summer months and in the winter forage for root vegetables such turnips and fodder beat which further enhance their distinct and exquisite taste. Our farmers grow natural forage crops which help reduce carbon and also increase soil organic matter allowing for natural fertility.
No chemicals, no routine antibiotic use, no hormones, no Soya just the way nature intended and always considerate.