1.5kg Boneless Free Range Rare Breed pork leg - Considerate Carnivore

1.5kg Boneless Free Range Pork Leg

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Prefect for the family roast with a medium fat covering allowing for a full body of flavour and super crunchy cracking.

Our pork is not just any pork, the meaning of the word Considerate really sings true when it comes to how we source our pigs. Reared from 100% high welfare and Free Range farms in the UK by farmers who care. Foraging naturally for roots, insects, bugs and wildflowers across natural pastures, down lands and woodlands. Our pork is from rare breed and native pigs such as Tamworth’s which offer a distinct nutty flavour.

No chemicals, no routine antibiotic use, no hormones, no Soya just the way nature intended and always Considerate

Our advertised weights are the minimum expected and at times the actual product weight may be higher.