Dry aged 'Highlands' Tomahawk steak - Considerate Carnivore

Dry aged 'Highlands' Tomahawk steak

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A full bodied steak with the T Bone extending from the centre of the cut, this steak really is the biggest you can get, bursting with flavour and ready to impress at any dinner party. Being served on the bone promises the best flavour and we recommend grilling for a mouth watering result. Cut to a minimum 1kg in weight.

When it comes to beef, flavour and farming in harmony with nature go hand in hand. We source our cattle from farmers who care and give back to the land as much as they take out. 100% Grass fed British Beef, reared on natural diets consisting of herbs, native flowers, shrubs and grasses. No chemicals, no routine antibiotic use, no hormones, no Soya just the way nature intended and always Considerate.

Our advertised weights are the minimum expected and at times the actual product weight may be higher.

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