8oz Wild New Forest Rib Eye Steak - Considerate Carnivore

8oz (226g) Grass fed aged Rib-eye Steak

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Rib-eye is a beautifully marbled steak with arguably the best flavour, the extra marbling in the steak offers divine flavour and a unique texture allowing you to cook from blue to well-done without compromising on taste or texture. Each steak weighs min. 8oz (226g) 

When it comes to beef, flavor and farming in harmony with nature go hand in hand. We source our cattle from farmers who care and give back to the land as much as they take out. 100% Grass fed British Beef, reared on natural diets consisting of herbs, native flowers, shrubs and grasses. No chemicals, no routine antibiotic use, no hormones, no Soya just the way nature intended and always Considerate.

Our advertised weights are the minimum expected and at times the actual product weight may be higher.